Knowledge is the basic as well as advanced tool to excel in the modern competitive world. Basic because knowledge is inadvertent for growth. Advanced in the sense, it can take you places. Knowledge will be multiplied and accumulated, when shared. This works in opposite to the generally accepted standard of sharing. For an instance, if money is shared, you will end up having lower amount. But the knowledge sharing works the other way round. However, there has to be a proper platform for the same with like minded intellectuals who hail the cause with utmost regard. Knowledge shared at the wrong time, wrong platform and with the uninterested folks would actually turn into a liability, for sure. This concept has been properly envisaged before entering into this venture.

Next step would be to analyse knowledge pertaining to which area that we are concentrating on. One thing is that all-round knowledge is always a positive for life. However, one cannot have the expertise in each and everything in the world. Our knowledge would depend on the profession we are working in, our upbringing, our surrounding, network and many more. Due to all of these factors, we think our knowledge has been developed in the field of art, literature, education, finance and taxation compliance. Art and finance? Alas! How can both could be merged? What is the relevance of that? We understand that there is no connection between both, even remotely. But as outlined earlier, the knowledge growth happens due to more than one factors associated with us. Hence, we were able to learn in taxation as well as art and literature due to our professional and personal exposure. We would want to take it to the next level. We also aim to provide the opportunity of enlightenment to thousands of other eager souls like us.

Therefore, we are presenting PBVishwam, a platform to share and maximise knowledge. We welcome people with interest in varied fields like mehendi, hynna, paintings and drawings, poetry, students of various disciplines and finance and tax professionals. We will have two dedicated paths- one for art and the other for finance and tax. We have plans to expand once we get a good number of people on board. Hence, the people participation is the corner stone for us. We would like to speak as well as hear. Thank you everyone for the cooperation, in advance.